Greenhouse Plastic & Accessories

We offer a great selection of high quality greenhouse covering and accessories that will surely stand the test of time. Why invest in cheap materials that won't even last a year? When building any greenhouse for commercial or hobby growing, implementing the right materials will save you precious time and money. Are you thinking about building a greenhouse or doing a project? contact us today for discounted prices on multiple product orders to get your project up and going!


Atlas’ Tropical Gutter Connect Series is ideal for tropical climates where day and night natural ventilation is a requirement. 


Designed specifically for growers that are located in tropical climates where natural ventilation is required for both day and night growing conditions, this structure protects your crop from excessive rain and has a roof vent that is “always open.” Available in 30’ single or multiple bay configurations with 8’-13’ gutter heights, the structure design provides support for vine crops. The Tropical Series greenhouse is designed for a poly covered roof.



  • 2.197 (12 gauge) column posts

  • 1.900 (14 gauge) bow assemblies

  • 4 runs 1.315 (17 gauge) purlins

  • 1.660 (16 gauge) cross trusses

  • 1.315 corner wind braces

  • Includes complete assembly hardware

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