Dig 1/4" Poly Micro Tubing 3000 ft

Dig 1/4" Poly Micro Tubing 3000 ft

SKU: 12-065

DIG’s 1/4" blank polyethylene distribution tubing is available in several colors and in lengths of up to 3000’. The distribution tubing is manufactured from high-quality, low-density polyethylene resin with a minimum of 2% carbon black to protect the finished product from thermal degradation, ultraviolet stress and chemicals.


  • Extruded from the finest quality low density polyethylene resins
  • UV resistant; contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black, an antioxidant that protect the tubing from thermal degradation
  • Supported by quality control standard and processes to ensure consistent coil productions
  • Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength

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