Hose End  Closure

Hose End Closure

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The Figure ”8” Hose End is a part that is used to close the end of the ½” to 5/8” drip irrigation tubing or drip line. Simply slide one loop of the figure “8” into the end of the drip tubing, bend the drip tubing back and insert the end into the other loop of the figure “8” for a leak proof fit. To flush the drip tubing or the drip line, slide the figure “8” over to release the end, and flush the line.


Hose End Features

  • Easy to install and secure
  • Inexpensive way to close the end of the drip tubing with .630 OD to .710 OD
  • UV-resistant
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Operating pressure: up to 60-PSI

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