Living Wall Vertical Garden

Living Wall Vertical Garden


DIG’s new Living Wall™ Modular Vertical Garden Planting Kit can be attached to any interior or exterior structure to transform that area into a green, growing environment. The kit can be fitted to any sized structure by attaching additional modular wall mounting brackets that can be secured to each other. DIG’s new Living Wall™ is designed to make a vertical garden easy to set up and maintain on balconies, inside or outside walls, and fences. It enables you to grow a diversity of plants such as an herb or vegetable garden, annuals, perennials, a collection of plants with striking patterns and colors as a welcoming entry statement for your home, or a selection of your favorite plants to beautify indoor spaces or patio areas. DIG’s Living Wall™ integrated professional watering system kit (included) delivers controlled amounts of water into each individual pot, through the use of pressure compensating drippers with check valves to maximize efficient use of water. Once connected into faucet or a 1/2” riser, the system may be automated with the addition of a DIG hose end timer that is programmed to minimize water usage. A tank with a pump may also be used to circulate the water through the drip system. Our Living Wall™ or green wall vertical garden is a low maintenance system that has open layers between the pots and the wall, providing protection from moisture and preventing discoloration of the exposed wall.

The Living Wall™ Vertical Garden Planting Kit includes: 4 - Small pots, 4 - Large pots, 8 - Modular wall mounting brackets, 1 - 25 PSI pressure regulator, 1 - ¾” Swivel adapter, 1 - 50’ roll of ¼” micro tubing, 1 - Drip riser adapter, 10 - ¼” tees, 8 - Pressure compensating drippers with check valves, 8 - 1/8" stakes, 8 - 2 ft. 1/8” micro tubing, 5 - C-clamps, 5 - 1/4" elbows, 2 - 1/4" barbed connectors

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