Mega Crop Nutrients 9.9 KG Bag

Mega Crop Nutrients 9.9 KG Bag


MEGA CROP is an all in one, complete plant nutrient designed from the ground up.  It combines the full feeding schedule and multi-product supplement lines other companies suggest into 1 easy to use product.  You get everything you need from start to finish – to grow the best quality plants.


  • MEGA CROP uses advanced amino-acid Chelate’s, soluble Silica, Chitosan Oligosaccharide, B-Vitamins, 18 L-Amino acids, and Kelp extract in addition to proprietary formula composition which ensures the product is soluble at up to 100x concentrations, all the while allowing the plants to have maximum absorption in a wide variety of growing conditions and growing mediums.


    MEGA CROP introduces a new higher level of performance and completeness that is unique today in the nutrient industry.  MEGA CROP provides maximum yield, size, weight, and best quality of harvest for commercial and hobby growers, making it the brand of choice for enthusiastic growers.  MEGA CROP uses the best quality nutrient ingredient sources, multiple different forms of the same nutrient, as well as L-Amino Acid chelate technology.  In addition, the most popular additives and natural growth stimulating supplements are included as a standard base into the formula, as well as proprietary new technologies not used by any other hydroponic companies today.  In short, we created the best formula from the ground up, innovated with new technologies to make it the top of its class, and made it extremely simple to use for any level of grower.


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