Solexx Greenhouse Plastic

Solexx is a unique twin-wall greenhouse covering material specially formulated by Adaptive Plastics, Inc, manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouses. When it comes to greenhouse plastic, Solexx greenhouse panels surpass other covering choices in insulation, light quality and longevity.


Whether you're ready to build a custom greenhouse, re-cover an aging greenhouse or rescue an old carport and turn it into a sunroom, the possibilities are endless with Solexx flexible, twin-wall greenhouse covering. Solexx is easy to install while providing the best insulation possible.


Note: Multiple roll orders qualify for discounts, please contact us for more information.

Available Sizes
  • Solexx twinwall plastic panels are made of high density polyethylene infused with UV inhibitors for a warrantied life of at least 10 years. Solexx panels provide a soft, diffused light allowing 70-75% of the natural light to pass through for optimal growing conditions. Best of all, these durable panels can be rolled up and shipped via small parcel service! Perfect for greenhouses, patios, architectural applications or anywhere rigid covering with a high light transmission is needed.


    Solexx is flexible and can wrap around peaks and corners for a watertight seal

    Strong and shatter proof greenhouse covering protects against wind and snow.

    Solexx scores and cut easily - no power saw required

    Installs both horizontally and vertically (unlike polycarbonate) for less waste.


    Available in pre-cut panels or custom length rolls up to 900' long (fewer seams means better insulation and less work)

    Two thicknesses: Use 3.5mm for almost all applications. Choose 5 mm for high altitude, heavy snow areas


    Join panels together with optional H-Channel or, simply overlap the panels (panels are an extra 1" for overlapping)

    For optimum support, set studs or trusses 2' apart on center.

    10-year warranty.

    • The 3.5mm thick Solexx is a great option for the tropics and works great in areas of high wids. This material comes 49.5" Wide.
    • 5mm thick Solexx is better suited for areas with snow fall and comes 52.25" wide.

    You can custom order these panels in any length you require up to 900 ft.

    We also offer unbeatable discounts for customers ordering multiple rolls. 

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