ZipGrow Towers

ZipGrow Towers


ZipGrow™ Towers offer a lot to the hobby aquaponic and hydroponic producer. The same benefits enjoyed by commercial producers are available to you in your home. Whether you are growing herbs or greens, you can triple the production of your home system and keep fresh veggies on the table on a daily basis!


ZipGrow™ Towers are the perfect fit for aquaponic producers regardless of the size of your system. ZipGrow™ Towers were prototyped and perfected in an aquaponic system and the end of the benefits has yet to be found!


More productive than any other vertical farming technique on the market. 3-4 times more productive per square foot.

Reduce post-harvest labor and packaging costs by 60%!

Maximized yields from maximized crop densities.

Significantly lower light extinction rates.

ZipGrow™ Towers also offer higher specific surface area (SSA) than any other natural or artificial media used in aquaponics.



Today’s farmers need appropriate technology to make the vertical farming equation work. They need simple, robust systems that produce high yields and keep labor costs low. They need a system that allows them to get farming quickly and scale up when they’re ready.

ZipGrow™ vertical farming technology  was designed out of experience and works to solve genuine problems faced by small farmers with intentionally simple, economic appropriate technology.  Used in commercial greenhouses and indoor farms, ZipGrow™ Towers are the most economically justifiable vertical farming equipment on the market.

5 FT Tower Amount

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